After spending an exhilarating 4 days in Barcelona, I was looking forward to some relaxation in Amsterdam.  With its beautiful canals, narrow winding pebble streets, and laid back atmosphere, the city was definitely the perfect oasis for recovering from my prior 2 weeks of traveling & working.

Every day, I walked around its streets, found cute little corner cafes, and sat facing the canals & the streets. In these perfect little nooks, I spent hours watching the boats & crowds passing by while sipping my favorite drink and enjoying the heat of the sun on my skin. With such a therapeutic set up, I had quite the opportunity to clear my head and reflect.

The canals



Vincent Van Gogh

Although sunbathing by the canals were perfect, I had to do at least one thing that was touristy before leaving Amsterdam – visit the Van Gogh Museum.  I could not leave Netherlands without seeing the paintings of one of the most influential artists in the Western world, Vincent Van Gogh, who was born and raised in the southern region of the country. Seeing his cold & lifeless eyes in his self portraits was unforgettable.


Now off to Stockholm, Helsinki, and end my journey in Saint Petersburg next week. ❤


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