Hi there! Welcome to my personal page!

My name is Khatantuul Zorig. You can call me Khat, which is also apparently a type of hallucinogenic plant found in Africa (I promise I did NOT know this when I chose my nickname). I was born & raised in Mongolia – the country of the conqueror Genghis Khan. Somehow, I was named after one of the main rivers in Mongolia called “Tuul”, and the word “Khatan” means queen. With a name like that, my grandma might have hoped that I would turn out to be special and accomplish great things … unfortunately, it’s turning out NOT to be the case … and please don’t call me “queen of the river” … just Khat should suffice 🙂

Jokes aside … Since I’ve come to the states for college and stayed for work & graduate school, I have been going through a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth. I wanted to share that experience through this site with the hope that someone out there will learn something new through my experiences.

As I referenced above, I have a glass art with an inscription of my favorite quote by Gandhi hanging on my wall.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Why do I live by these words everyday? There are many people suffering and things that need to be changed in the world. In order to be part of shaping that change and making an impact in the world, I need to first start with changing myself for the better. That requires me to constantly search out and learn new things both about myself and the world. The best way that I can do that is by traveling, reading, having deep conversations with new people, learning new perspectives, and most importantly reflecting (having this site is part of all these).

Because of this goal, the site will cover topics that I am currently in the process of learning about and am passionate about. The topics could range from my travels through Asia & Europe, my MBA experience at MIT Sloan, my internship in Saint Petersburg Russia, my passion for the human mind, and my desire to find ways to improve the cognitive, mental, and emotional capacities of the human mind through creative ideas or innovative technologies.

Some posts might not be applicable to you, but hopefully, you’ll find ones that you can learn from! Happy reading!!!

P.S: I love taking photos during my travels, so all photos are taken by me using my Samsung Galaxy. Please ask for a permission before using them, and please reference my site.

P.S.S: Photo credit for my profile picture goes to Indra Ardni ❤

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