If Paris is the city of romance, I would describe Barcelona as the city of passion ❤

Both are equally alive, but Barcelona projects this energy that is much more colorful, powerful, real, and even deadlier at times! After spending the first 2 days working on my internship preparations, I finally trekked out into the city to have an opportunity to feel this energy! And I felt it in EVERYTHING there – the eccentric architecture, the gothic streets, the tapas, and the people wearing the sexiest clothes and dancing the night away until 5am 🙂

I also had the best hostel experience at Hostel One Ramblas . Thank you for the amazing experience Jo!!! ❤

Antoni Gaudi

As a home to the creations of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, known for his eccentric styles inspired by organic & natural forms from the 19th century, Barcelona is definitely the epitome of “energy” when it comes to architecture. Gaudi’s creations are everywhere! With their intense colors, various natural shapes, and scale-like textures, they are not difficult to miss.

Outside Casa Batllo – One of the greatest creations of Gaudi



Inside the Case Batllo – Gaudi’s creation


Gothic Quarter Streets

The non-Gaudi designs are equally as beautiful. The streets of the Gothic Quarter, the churches, and the major sights around the city clearly project the Roman and Catalan influence.

Montjuic & More

On my last day in Barcelona, I decided to hike up the hill called Montjuic overlooking the harbor on the south east side of the city. Who knew that I would end up meeting a fellow solo traveler from Copenhagen (originally from Budapest) that I would end up spending the entire day with!!! The people you meet, the conversations you have, and the experiences you get just by having an open mind and heart are astounding 🙂

The view of Barcelona harbor from the top of Montjuic



The castle on top of Montjuic


The not-so-pretty view of Barcelona from the top of Montjuic


The National Art Museum of Catalunya



The view of Barcelona from the National Art Museum of Catalunya


Arc de Triomf




Only 2 days and 2 nights of exploration was definitely not enough!!! Barcelona, I will be back to experience more of your passion & eat your tapas 😉

Now off to Amsterdam!! ❤

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